Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak
Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak

Atomic! | fot. Szymon Brodziak

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najwyższej jakości papier fotograficzny Fine Art  

limitowana, numerowana i sygnowana Fotografia Autorska 

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If you are looking for something original, Author's Photography is the right category for you! It is the perfect way to decorate a stylish interior, as well as a great idea for a sophisticated gift. Author's photographs are limited, numbered and hand-signed by Szymon Brodziak. Each of them has a Certificate of Authenticity.

These highest-quality Fine Art prints are available in several formats, which allows them to fit into any private, company or public interior. An Author's Photography cannot be a Collector's Photograph or a Poster at the same time - these are 3 separate categories of photos.

Author's Photographs come in larger editions, which makes them more affordable than photos from the Collector's Photographs category. In this way, we fulfill the mission of Brodziak Gallery to popularize black and white photography as a field of art and make it more accessible.



A photograph inspired by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
At first glance, a simple portrait reminiscent of a perfume advertisement. The pose, the look, the arrangement of the hands suggest the well-known concept of seductive luxury and beauty. Something familiar, something we crave to push away our fears and keep control of our fragile lives. But if you look closely... you can see a sense of uncertainty and danger. Something that's definitely there, yet something that's so hard to acknowledge. The gloomy scenario. A finger over the red button makes our thoughts tangle. What if? What's next?



"Atomic!" – formats and editions:
Size XS, 20 x 30 cm, Author's Limited Edition 399 copies.
Size S, 34 x 51 cm, Author's Limited Edition 199 copies.
Size M, 50 x 75 cm, Author's Limited Edition 100 copies.
Size L, 70 x 105 cm, Author's Limited Edition 77 copies.
XL format, 99 x 148 cm, Author's Limited Edition 35 copies.
XXL format, 150 x 225 cm, Author's Limited Edition 18 copies.




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