Creating black and white worlds, telling stories recorded in photographic frames.
Evoking emotions and preserving beauty that decorates our interiors and enriches us.

Biography - Szymon Brodziak


Szymon Brodziak (born 1979) – master of black and white photography. 1st place winner in the World's Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2019 by One Eyeland. The youngest artist whose works were exhibited at the Museum of Photography – Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. During the Cannes Film Festival, recognized as the world's best photographer of black and white advertising campaigns by the jury of the FashionTV Photographers Awards (2013).

Awarded the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for continually making his dreams come true and for his passion for blazing new paths in the search for beauty. He loves photographing women. He is inspired by the places where he realizes his monochromatic visions. He leaves their interpretation to the viewer, saying: “What you see is who you are.”

Szymon runs his own photography gallery in Poznań, where you can admire his work or visit his website and order online.