Wry face, 2001 B_Stories: Grymas by Szymon Brodziak B_Stories: Wry Face by Szymon Brodziak ENG
Wry face, 2001

Wry face, 2001

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Limited Collector's Photography, archival pigment print on the highest quality photographic paper, meeting museum longevity standards. Manually applied numbering and author's signature. A dedicated Certificate of Authenticity is attached to the work. It is limited to a maximum of 30 copies and has the status of a work of art. This pool is divided into several formats, each in a very limited edition of less than 10 copies. The price list of collector's photos is progressive, therefore the more sold out the edition, the more expensive the prints. Each subsequent print in a given edition and format will be more expensive, which increases its value at the time of purchase. Contact us and invest in art!



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