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Porsche Centrum Wrocław – transcription

Action! Super. Slower, slower, great Julia! Amazing. Ah beautiful, what a great series. Damn, I’m not sure, if I cut the lower part.

It was not my first adventure with cars of this brand. This time I was invited by Marika Horoszczak, and in this case I heard what I love the most and what always motivates me to create: Szymon, do what you want.

This is our raw reference photo. Julia you will be sitting on passanger’s seat. I will be photographing everything from the back seat. It’s great!

In this case, the starting point was Porsche Centrum Wroclaw showroom and landmarks associated with Wrocław. The important thing here was that we decided on a concept that revolved around evolutions on sash. We invited Julia Maciuszek to work with us, who was then associated with Ocelot theatre group, one with performers of all kinds. Only then I learned about the possibilities of what can be done on the sash.

Your foot there, your face in this direction, but you look at me.

In my commercial projects I don’t want to focus on a product, on a particular thing. It is much more important for me to build a story or create an ambience around the product, and I think that finally this approach helps to better illustrate the marketing message itself.

Julia, is it difficult? Kind of…

This has allowed us to make the scene I chose in the car service a bit more unrealistic. The connection between the service and the car may seem quite trivial or obvious. But putting Julia in the middle of the whole composition, in the middle of this workshop space made it possible to redirect the attention and open up the, you know, the gates of imagination to something completely different, therefore making this scene unreal.

Start! Sorry, action! …and the foot that leans against the spoiler. What is a spoiler?
Ok, let’s do it. Lean backwards, three, two, one, start! Go! Good.

Actually, each of these shots was a challenge, because in the garage I also knew more or less what I wanted to do in order to obtain this effect of tearing Julia into the air. She was no longer in her dominant role on the sash, rather a model who played a completely different role. It was also a big challenge to convey this dynamic.

Ok, higher, start!

The aim what to do it safely, but dynamically. And here, too, Julia did a great job with her expressive jumps. They were natural – it can be seen on the film, as well as how we do these endless repetitions. I always say: Great! One more time! Again, again, again, again and… again. Okay, one more time, one more time, till you drop. Thus in this scene, we had quite a challenge too. The haircut and styling was a great addition to this whole scene. The first style was, so to speak, a stage style and was closely related to the sash performance. The second style was more technical and futuristic. We used elements of a motorbike outfit to build up model’s arms. Hairdresser Krzystof Nawrot also did a great job by constructing a strong, feminine ponytail. In fact, this pony does the job of emphasising the dynamics of the photograph. Of course there is the jump, but this wavy ponytail is a final touch to the whole picture. It tells us that it is actually happening, that this jerky movement actually takes place. Small things like this make huge difference. And after these numerous repetitions in the garage, I said … let’s go outside! Of course it was cold, I guess it was early December…

Remember about the knee. Knee up, yes! This is super. Act, act, look at Pawel, hand close to the body, hand by your lips…

We have spent half the night on the Redzinski Bridge doing repetitions, where I asked Julia to get out of the car, to come out through the sunroof. Well, then she was also very bravely fulfilling her seductive role, trying to do something dangerous, a bit on the edge.

Oh, yes, very good, keep it that way…

We finished the shoot around 2:00-3:00 AM. Cold, tired, but happy. We realised the plan and the vision has been fulfilled.