Individual Exhibition

Brodziak One – Austria
Atelier Jungwirth, Graz, Austria 01 December 2015 - 28 February 2016



Internationally acclaimed black-and-white photographer Brodziak was born in Poznan/Poland in 1979. He was trained in business and economics and worked for a time in his parents’ company, but later decided for a change and started working for photography agencies instead. He acquired the basic tools of the trade during his time as an assistant for fashion and advertising photography and has now honed his skills to perfection.

As numerous prizes and contract work for glamorous brands and magazines such as Italian Vogue or Playboy demonstrate, he was already being noticed outside his home country of Poland even as a young photographer. This year in Cannes he won the award for ‘currently best photographer for black-and-white campaigns’.

While he was a student Brodziak earned the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for his passionate and imaginative search for beauty, which he often encounters in the combination of nature and female grace. His unconventional and sometimes quite controversial images blend a very personal idea of art with the style of big brands.

Last year Brodziak published his first major photography album (“BRODZIAK ONE”) comprising almost 300 photographs, which undoubtedly stand in the tradition of Helmut Newton. The young Polish photographer also felt honoured to be part of the “Newton. Horvat. Brodziak“ exhibition in Berlin earlier this year.

As a representative of the young generation, Brodziak is an avid user of the new social media such as Facebook and Instagram. For this reason you should also check out his work on the web in addition to visiting the exhibition in the Jungwirth studio.

All photographs by Kanizaj
and Christian Jungwirth.


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