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To create black&white worlds, to tell stories inscribed within photographic frames. To evoke emotions and capture the beauty that decorates our interiors and enriches our inner selves.


Szymon Brodziak (born 1979) – visualteller & master of black&white photography. Ranked #1 in World’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2019 by One Eyeland. The youngest aritist exhibited at the Museum of Photography – Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. During 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Brodziak was acclaimed the best black&white campaign photographer of the world by the jury of FashionTV Photographers Awards (2013). 

Szymon received Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for constant fulfilment of dreams and passion of setting new paths in the search of beauty. He loves to photograph women. He’s inspired mainly by locations, where he brings to life his monochromatic visions. He leaves their interpretation to the viewer by saying: ”What you see is who you are”.

Inspired by mobile architecture, Szymon runs his own galleries of photography in black galss containers. His work can be seen and ordered worldwide at:

Helmut Newton Foundation

In 2015 Szymon’s photographs were presented at Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin as part of the “Newton.Horvat.Brodziak” exhibition. The show has made Brodziak the youngest artist to have ever been exhibited by this prestigious Museum of Photography. 










No. 1 in the World

During Cannes Film Festival, the jury of FashionTV Photographers Awards has chosen Brodziak as World’s Best Photographer of Black & White Ad Campaigns. In 2019 his virtuosity has been reaffirmed, with the 1st place awarded to Brodziak in the World’s Top 10 Black&White Photographers contest, held by the international platform One Eyeland.


In 2014 Brodziak published his first photo album “BRODZIAK ONE”, which had its official premiere in Rome, Italy. It features nearly 300 monochrome photographs, summarizing the first decade of Brodziak’s career. The album contains a personal dedication Brodziak received from June Newton, the wife of the legendary photographer Helmut Newton.

In 2019 Brodziak releases a new photo album “What you see is who you are”, with official premiere in London, UK. Awarded in the US and Paris, with more than 500 pages of black and white photographs, ”What you see is who you are” presents Szymon’s body of work from a new perspective, by means of discerning insight into his creative process.

Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award

While still a student, Szymon won the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for his constant fulfillment of dreams and passion for paving new paths in search of beauty.

Podium in the USA
Gold in Paris

In the USA, it won the first place in the Fashion category in two competitions: International Photography Awards (2016) and Black & White Spider Awards (2016), which awards the best monochrome photos from around the world. In Europe, he received numerous medals and awards in several editions of the international competition Prix de la Photographie Paris, both for advertising campaigns and original projects, including the title of the best advertising photographer of 2016.




We believe that good comes back. That is why BRODZIAK GALLERY takes part in events and auctions from which funds are allocated to charity. So far - thanks to you - our activities have generated PLN 431.818 (EUR 95.040) . This is the true power of photography. Thank you!