Q: How long does it take to process the order?

A: Your order will be processed immediately after recieving the payment. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery.


Q: How do you deliver the prints?

A: Prints and posters are securely packed in a tube (if not framed optionally). To keep standards high, they are always delivered to you by courier.


Q: What's the difference between a print and a poster? 

A: Prints are for art collectors or those who appreciate uniqueness and premium quality. Posters are for those who love great imaginery, but not necessarily treat photography as a form of investment.


Q: And technically?

A: From a techical point of view, a gallery print is a limited edition photograph printed on Platine Fibre Rag 310g, which is a permium quality paper approved for museums and art galleries. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and delivered with a special certificate of authenticity, packed in a tube. In case of gallery prints you also have a few options of available formats. Whereas, posters are available in one format only and limited to 300 copies. You can either buy a poster only with Brodziak logo or have it also with author's signature. They are printed from two blacks in offset technology with specta raster, on 200g chalk paper, enriched with a UV layer.


Q: What does a limited edition mean? 

A: It means that a certain image in a defined dimension can be reproduced only in a amount specified by edition number. So, for example, if a limited edition of an image in format 60x80cm is 10 copies and all of them are sold, no more prints of this particular image will ever be available from the artist.


Q: Can I order a framed print/poster? 

A: Yes, you can. Framing is an additional service, which is consulted individually. Such service is calculated separately.


Q: What kind of frames do you offer? 

A: From traditional wooden frames with passe-partout, through a wide range of elegant aluminum profiles, to hi-tech Diasec on dibond backbround.


Q: Do you provide customised solutions, for example, super-large formats?

A: It all depends on the photograph, but genearlly – yes. Such orders are calculated individually.


Q: A part of income from poster gallery sales goes to charity. Why 37%?

A: I'm currently 37 years old. Each year the percentage will increase by 1%.